Easter Craft Projects to Try This Week

It’s almost Easter! That, my friends, is insane. I’m not complaining though - Easter is the best! My plans for this weekend involve working a little, Louis-sitting (you’ll meet Louis. He’s a cat. I’m his aunt.), and spending time with family. I’m in charge of making place cards for everyone. I know, such a daunting task! I still haven’t figured out how I want to make them, but I will keep you posted. For now, these are a few nice Easter crafts I have come across.

2. Temporary Tattoo Easter Eggs - Country Living
3. Origami Easter Bunny Baskets - Studio DIY
5. Leaf Print Eggs - Spoonful
6. Graffiti Art Easter Eggs DIY - Paper & Stitch

Decorating eggs is a really funny tradition when you think about it…who even came up with that? Going to Wikipedia that right now. See ya!

Fictional Style | Shoshanna Shapiro from Girls

Do you guys watch Girls?! I watched it all in a very short amount of time, which is not necessarily shameful since there aren't too many episodes. I love discussing this show any chance I get. It's just so good and so applicable to real life. Then again, I could apply even the most outlandish show to real life. It's a talent. ;) One of my favorite things to do with the show Girls is to cast all of my friends. The conversation usually goes something like this:

Me: Sara, I think you're more like Marnie. Oh my gosh Katie, you are TOTES Jessa!
Friends: Okay, Shosh...

For those of you who don't watch the show, Shoshanna Shapiro is a very girly college student who tags along with the other girls. She always dresses like she should be going to a vintage themed tea party. Upon meeting her, most people consider her young and naive, but she is actually very intelligent and amazing at standing up for herself. If you've watched all of this past season, we can probably agree that she is one of the most sane, level-headed characters. Simply put - I'd be honored to be compared to Shoshanna any day. :)

2. Diagonal Alley Coat in Black - ModCloth $139.99
3. Awe-Inspired Aqua Dress - ModCloth $64.99
4. Deborah Lippmann 'Girls' Polish in Shoshanna (!!) - Nordstrom (currently unavailable)
5. Daisy Jacquard Court Shoe - Oasis £55
6. Tocca Mini Eau De Parfum in Colette - Anthropologie $18.00
7. Mossimo Supply Co. Bow Belt - Target $14.99
8. Shell Pink Knitted Cocoon Cardigan - New Look £19.99
9. Dainty Delight Headband in Ivory - Modcloth $16.99

How fab are those earrings? I think they are my favorites on the list. That perfume is also my go-to.

Oh! And a post about Shoshanna wouldn't be complete without mentioning the hair:

Have a great day, friends! :)

Laura Blythman

I came across designer and illustrator Laura Blythman's work this week, and it's too good not to share. Based out of Australia, Laura designs products, teaches workshops, and creates visual concepts for so many colorful, creative businesses. What I love most about her work is how authentically crafty it is. It definitely makes me want to grab a pen, paint, and paper, and dream up something spectacular. :)

Amazing, right? You can find more of her work here and follow her along on Instagram @laurablythman.

Window Shopping | Springtime Sandals

1. Shauna Huarache Sandal - Target $19.99
2. Fringe Sandal in Vachetta - Kate Spade Saturday $125.00
3. Country Sandal - Cydwoq $281.00
4. Viera Sandals - Moorea Seal $69.00
5. Wanted Zuma Cutout White Sandals - LuLu's $41.00
6. Fudge from the Fair Flat - ModCloth $32.99
8. The Criss Cross Sightseer Sandal - Madewell $59.50

It's a beautiful thing when it becomes appropriate to wear sandals again. I recently bought #1 in the brown color and I wear them as much as I can. This week has been so sunny, even in the Bay Area.

Wow, literally everything other thing I post has to do with the weather. Can't stop, won't stop! Happy Tuesday. :) 

Blog Thoughts | Saying No

A big part of blogging is learning how to communicate well and especially how to say no. This is something I'm still learning how to do in every day life. Saying no is super awkward! I always impulsively say "yes" and then have to rethink things.

A couple years ago, I was contacted by a blogger to contribute a shop item to a holiday giveaway. I knew that I wanted to say no because a) I was busy and overwhelmed during that season and b) I wasn't comfortable being associated with the blog and its vibe. Instead, I said something along the lines of "sorry I'm too busy right now!" hoping the situation would be forgotten. This blogger was consistent, man. A few requests later, I was finally straightforward and said no.

These are some things I like to consider in order to overcome or avoid awkward moments in the blogosphere:

1. Keep disclaimers or disclosure statements to build consistency in what your blog represents. Is it a for profit blog? Can just anyone apply to sponsor? Do you have rules for people who want to use your images?

My sponsor page has a very broad list of who should apply to sponsor. I love offering sponsor spots or reviewing products for people or companies who are doing what they love in a creative and thoughtful way. If I get a request that's too far out there, I will probably have to say no. Remember to only support the brands you value. Saying no is better than having weird buttons on your sidebar that you don't love. Yikes.

2. Develop a genuine, kind way of saying no. The word itself is negative and can come across as sounding mean especially via email. If someone approaches you and wants to collaborate but you're not feeling it, find ways to let them know you truly appreciate that they reached out to you.

3. Be prepared to give people resources that will better suit their needs. A few months ago, I contacted one of my favorite designers to see if she would be interested in helping me design my blog. She told me that she didn't do blog designs anymore and directed me to giant helpful directory of resources. I loved that. Even if you can't help someone yourself, you can redirect them to people or places that will give them what they need. :)

Are you comfortable with saying no? If so, what's your secret?